Project AWARE

What is SAMHSA?

SAMHSA is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (a federal agency) that funds the Project AWARE initiative across the United States. Hickman County is one of only four counties in the state of Tennessee chosen to participate in the AWARE initiative.  This program builds upon the successful strategies of  Safe Schools/Healthy Students (SS/HS)  that have been effective in creating safe and secure schools and promoting the mental health of students in communities across the country. The aim is to create closer relationships between state and local agencies by  supporting the development of integrated systems that create safe and respectful environments for learning and promote the mental health of school-aged youth.

What is AWARE?

AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resiliency Education) supports the development and implementation of activities, services, and strategies to support safety and the healthy advancement of our students here in Hickman County.  Our team offers whole child services such as developmentally appropriate activities and events as well as self-care strategies, academic support, and behavioral health resources.  Our goal is to support our students, families, staff, and community via early intervention as we strive towards a healthy Hickman County.

Mission Statement

To surround students and families with support, safety, and advocacy to promote holistic wellness through innovative education and community partnerships.

Vision Statements (Hashtags)

We are so incredibly proud of the talent and ingenuity our youth council displayed in the development of our vision. They were meticulous with the task asked of them and as youth often do, they created something much more impressive than we could have imagined. They did not create vision statements. They created hashtags. These acronyms are both thought provoking and meaningful and lend themselves to exactly what we had hoped to portray.

#WORTH  (Wellness Overcomes Resistance Through Help)

#UNIFY  (Understand, Now, It’s For You)