The Technology Department leads the HCSS to better use of technology in the classroom as well as in the office. We affirm that the use of technology in education should never be an end unto itself, but a means to more effective teaching and learning.

Work Orders For Teachers & Staff Employees


  1. Please make sure you reboot your computer before turning in a work order.
    A reboot can sometimes fix an issue you're having.
  2. Please have the person experiencing the problem turn in the work order.
    Even if the computer is not functional in the room, they can go to another computer and enter their work order from that location. This gives us the most amount of information on the problem if it comes from the person having issues.
  3. Please do not request to move network wires, computers, TVs, etc. in a classroom due to classroom rearrangement or moving to another classroom.
    No request will be accepted for this unless it’s coming from a principal or district administrator.
  4. Before submitting a work order for a chromebook, please first contact your technology liaison in your building to see if they are able to fix it. 
    If then a work order is needed the tech should do this.  If you do, please include chromebook cart names and numbers on your work order so we can identify the chromebook with the issue.
  5. Do not turn in a work order about keys not staying on chromebooks.
    The technology department will no longer be involved when keys have been picked off or broken off of the keyboard.  It is up to the school on how that is handled and fixed.
  6. We do not support wireless printers. Any classroom printers will need to be connected via USB.

After Reading The Above Information, 
Here Is How To Submit Work Orders To The Technology Department...

Please fill in the information in the fields as requested.  In the description be as detailed about the issue as possible.
There is no need in explaining that it is important to the function of your room. We understand and will move as fast as we can.

** Select submit when all information is completed.**

You will receive an email with the information that was sent to us.  We will also correspond with you through that email if there are any questions or solutions.
Please look for that correspondence to help the process to be as quick as possible.