K-12 Curriculum

Internet Safety

Research has documented that large percentages of students ages 12-17 routinely go online.  With the surge in the use of the internet for a variety of purposes and reasons, it is vitally important that we educate our students on the safe practices regarding internet use.

During their time in the Hickman County School System, students will be taught Internet Safety through their coursework in all grade levels.  In addition, we want to provide some information on our website for parents, students, and community members about this important topic.


Internet Safety while Gaming

Most teens and tweens play games on a computer, cell phone or other device. View this Gaming Safety Tips sheet from Netsmartz. Did you know there is a website devoted to rating games? Go to www.esrb.org. This site is maintained by the Entertainment Software Rating Board and rates a multitude of games each year.



Hickman County Schools Read 20 Initiative

What is Read 20?


The Hickman County Schools Read 20 Initiative encourages families to read together for 20 minutes each day.  By reading together daily for just 20 minutes, your child will be exposed to about 1.8 million words of text a year! You may see placemat activities at area restaurants that are working with us to ensure our students have many opportunities to interact with reading and writing in a fun way. Reading is not just a subject in school, reading is EVERYWHERE!


Little Book Boxes

You may have noticed as you drive by our elementary schools that there are now Book Boxes at both East Hickman Elementary School and Centerville Elementary School. These boxes are filled with books for children from toddlers to teens. When schools are closed for holidays, or if you are out and about on an evening or weekend, feel free to drop by and choose a book! When you are finished, just drop by and replace the book in the book box or exchange it for a book you no longer read at home. We hope to add more book boxes in the spring so that we can get books in the hands of even more of our students and their families!

If you would like to donate gently used books for use in the book boxes, you may drop them off at either elementary school, or the Hickman County Board of Education office. If you have questions, please email Angie Manor, Hickman County Literacy Instruction Facilitator, at angie.manor@hickmank12.org.

Where else can you access books to share with your child?

The Hickman County Public Libraries in Centerville and Lyles offer books for all ages. Stop by and get a library card if you do not already have one! In addition to these options, there are online opportunities to access books: Both the Tennessee Electronic Library and Reading is Fundamental are sites on which online books can be found. Reading is Fundamental also offers a monthly reading activity calendar which includes a variety of activities that revolve around books and reading.


If you have questions regarding any of the programs on this page,  please contact:
Angie Manor, Literacy Instruction Facilitator