Coordinated School Health

Physical education classes and physical activities that promote physical fitness, motor skills, social and personal in our schools.

Access to a variety of nutritious  meals that accommodate the health and nutrition needs of all students and provides learning experiences in nutrition and health and links to nutrition-related community services. Summer feeding programs are also available that provides hot meals off site and on- site during the summer months.

Services provided to improve students’ mental, emotional, and social health. These services improve the health of the students and the health of the school environment. Hickman County is fortunate to have received a 5 year grant for additional mental health services through a program called Project AWARE.

A school atmosphere supported by programs and policies that nurture positive behavior, assure safety, and promote a feeling of belonging and respect for all students, staff, and families. This component involves the physical surroundings, climate and culture of the school.  We are thankful to have School Resource Officers (SROs) placed in all 8 of our schools and the partnership between  the schools to law enforcement.  Hickman County is committed to establishing and maintaining  secure and safe learning environments for our students.

Health promotion programs that encourage and support staff in pursuing healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Pre-Kindergarten through high school health education curriculum that is  developmentally appropriate, and that addresses physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions. Health education programs equip our students with the understanding and risks associated with poor decisions.

Partnership with our families and community is a critical links not only health education, academics.   Though these valued partnerships, Hickman County Schools can bridge the gap to a better education for our students.

Services provided to students to protect and promote health of our students and staff.  We offer many services to help our students achieve health and maintain wellness. Dental sealants provided by the Health Department is just an example of the health services provided to our students.

The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) Test

This is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. Coordinated School Health provides McAlister’s Deli lunch to top male and top female from grades 3rd-8th and Wellness Class.  PACER tests are performed in the fall and spring of the academic school year.  This is not an easy accomplishment- so to everyone that participated- WELL DONE!

Our Student Athlete Ambassador (SAA)  are students who lives & promotes a healthy & positive lifestyle. They exhibit and promotes healthy decisions ie) avoids nicotine products, doesn’t drive impaired, and is a social champion through anti-bullying and healthy relationships. It is a big job with big rewards & our SAAs are ready! It’s a movement to stop vaping & empower better lifestyle decisions through creative & innovative ways to reach our target audience where they are.

Meet Our SAAs:

Left to Right: Lilli Istre, Brentyn Casaus, Anna Kate Jenkins, Carter Bates, Aaliyah Brown, John Michael Lewis, Tyler Stacks, Lindi Hinson, Drew Lindsey, Emery Dotson, Jake Tidwell and Ashley Shelton

Meet Our SAAs:

Left to Right: Taylor Holt, Clay Manor, McKenzie Moore, Hunter Tidwell, Ki-Litta Sowell, Matthew Sloan, Robert Richardson, Arianna Myles, Fox Mangrum, Harlan Clark, Nathan Hobbs and Emily Kuhn