School Nutrition Procedures

Students will be charged for breakfast and lunch meals offered through the Hickman County School System according to the following rate:

Paid rate:
All schools: breakfast $1.50

PK – 5 schools: Lunch $2.50

6-12 schools: Lunch $2.75

Visitor, staff, and visitor child meals: $4.00

Reduced rate:
Breakfast: $.30
Lunch: $.40

Students that bring money will be asked to do so in an envelope that includes the following information on the front of the envelope: student name, teacher name, breakfast amount, lunch amount, and extra items amount. Monies will be submitted to the cafeteria and deposited into student accounts.

Parents in need of meal accommodations for a child can submit the prescription or request from the licensed health care professional to the school nurse for submission to the cafeteria. Parents that wish for their child not to participate in a particular aspect of the School Nutrition program can notify the cafeteria staff to enter the information and request at the point of sale in the cafeteria. Any additional concerns regarding this process should be reported to the cafeteria manager or the school principal.